To join as a member, you must be an SMC student. There is no other requirement, so just come to us!

We accept people of all skill levels, so don't let that be your concern.



For the VEX U competition, we use C++ to write code for what the robot should do during two periods: autonomous and op-control (remote-controlled).

During autonomous, the robot can only utilize its sensors and prior knowledge of the field to make decisions.

During op-control, we are free to use a remote-control to directly command the robots.



We design, build, and assemble robot parts.

Especially for VEX U, robots are built with structural integrity in mind, so that they would be able to withstand collisions and wrestling with other robots.

We often use CAD software to design or to help communicate our designs to each other.


Graphic Designer

That's right. You are seeing a loading screen.

We currently do not have a dedicated graphic designer.

Graphic designers can help us make things like a great team logo, graphics for presentations or events, etc.

sheet of paper


Often overlooked, fundraising is one of the most formidable challenges that the club faces!

We did get some help from others, but we are far from having all the resources we need.

We will work as a team to plan and organize events.